Star Cloud LLC is the developer of Opiq software & services suite.

We are a partner for educational content providers, schools and public sector since 2014.

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We Stand For

Access to High-Quality Education

Opiq is commited to serving the education system by bringing together educational publishers and the advancements of information technology.

Digital Textbook Standard

Opiq Study Kit Format has been developed together with publishers and is evolving through time. We have created powerful content format and structure to deliver the best digital learning experience.

Education Systems are Local

National curriculums and educational publishers vary by location. We work closely together with local stakeholders to deliver the best quality content.

Your IP and Data is Safe

We take security seriously and develop Opiq with that in mind. Opiq processes user data in compliance with GDPR.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Opiq collects usage data and provides highly structured analytics to different stakeholders to improve the content, user experience and insights to learning processes.

Proven Through COVID-19

Opiq was already there when the global pandemic struck. We helped education system to succeed in the hardest times.

Software & Services

Opiq (DLE & Library)

Opiq is a digital learning environment where the study kits from library become accessible and personal.

Operations in Estonia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Kenya, Uganda and more.

Opiq CMS

Opiq Content Management System is a publisher's workspace for creating cutting edge learning materials—study kits.

Visit Opiq CMS to learn more.

Opiq Analytics

A data analytics tool for all stakeholders – publishers, schools, educational leadership and policy makers.

Opiq Study Kit Format

The study kit bundles together a pedagogically essential textbook format and the new opportunities of ICT. It is a highly structured, responsive, HTML5 content format.

APIs & Third Party Integrations

Opiq integrates to the digital ecosystem. Examples include eKool, Stuudium, MPASSid, ReadSpeaker, Elasticsearch etc.

Digital Transformation

We can digitize your content, create strategies and business models, localizing Opiq to fit your market needs and school your employees to master Opiq.

The Team

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